Lashes, Waxing, Tinting

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$15 Brow Tint   $22 Brow Wax + Tint

$15 Lash Tint 

$50 Lash Lift   $60 Lash Lift + Tint

Lash Extensions

$80 Full Set Classic Lash Extensions

$25 One Week Fill

Must be no more than 7 days since your last application.

$40 Two Week Fill

Must be no more than 14 days since your last application.

$50 Three Week Fill

Must be no more than 21 days since your last application.

$30 Lash Extension Removal

Any application that is after the 3 week mark is considered a full set.

Waxing Packages

$150 Female Full Body with Brazilian - Full Leg, Full Arm, Under Arm, Brazilian, Lip and Brows. 

$125 Female Full Body with Bikini - Full Leg, Full Arm, Under Arm, Bikini, Lip and Brows.

$165 Men's Full Body - Full Leg, Full Arm, Full Back, Chest, Stomach, Under Arm and Brows.

$90 Female Brazilian,Full Leg and Under Arm

$70 Female Bikini,Full Leg and Under Arm

$80 Full Back, Chest and Stomach

$70 Full Leg and Full Arm

Additional waxing is an extra charge per area, no substitutes are allowed with wax packages. *Men's intimate waxing is not offered at this location. 


$13   Eye Brows                                

$8   Lip                                            

$8   Chin                                         

$20   Full Face (excluding eye brows)

$12   Side Burns                                

$13   Ears                                           

$14   Nose                                          

$10   Feet or Hands                          

$10   Nap of Neck                               

$15   Under Arms                              

$30   Full Arm                                    

$20   Lower Arm                                

$45   Full Leg                                     

$25   Lower Leg                                

$15   Bikini (female)                  

$40   Brazilian (female)            

$40  Full Back                                   

$20   Half Back                                   

$25   Full Chest                                   

$15   Chest Center Strip                    

$20   Full Stomach                               

$15   Stomach Center Strip